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The Method has changed but the message remains the same

LIGHT is a brand-new charity birthed out of the vision of LZ7 to take the message of Jesus to a whole new level. We have created a record label for our growing family of artists and cutting-edge resources for young people that want to know more about the Christian faith. Find out more »

About Us

The method may change but the message remains the same.

What is Light?

Music is a platform that can grab a generation’s imagination! It is a universal language and vehicle that can break social barriers, stereotypes of culture, race, background and faith.

LIGHT is a family of artists and record label formed to use this platform to impact people with a positive message in an often dark world. We aim to take this music and message to new level. The method may change but the message remains the same.

Birthed out of our great friends at the Message Trust we are an independent charitable organisation that is maintaining the DNA of our heritage of the schools work and fusing this with a mainstream presence and platform to speak to more young people than ever.

CEO and co-founder of Light, Lindz West has been dreaming and creating the vision of Light to take music to the next level in communicating this message. We have been face to face with almost 750,000 young people in 2 years across the globe in high schools, tours and festivals and have seen some phenomenal changes in young people's lives as a result.

We Are a Record Label

Following the release and success of “This Little Light” and “27 Million” into the mainstream charts we wanted to create channels and networks to help sustain and maintain artists who have more to their music and need a platform to launch from. To enable this we are planning our events and tours including schools tours, festivals and a national LIGHT youth event.

Light Music is taking on new artists that have a great talent and are genuine artists in their own right and we put a family of creative people to help, motivate, create and mentor and then, release them into the mainstream through our network and relationships with the industry. As our history has shown, an increased presence in the mainstream creates a bigger platform to speak to young people.

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Light Music is always looking to take on new artists.
Watch this space as it grows.


Following the success of their 2 UK chart singles "This Little Light" (Uk No 26 2010) and "27 Million" (UK No 12 2012 i-tunes No 1 USA), LZ7 are set to release the latest single #Aftershow worldwide on June 2nd 2013.

LZ7 have been working hard in the studio cultivating their latest offering that brings them into 2013 and beyond. #Aftershow has kept the familiar pop/dance sounds of previous LZ7 projects but has definitely stepped up a gear in maturity and sound making #Aftershow a euphoric dance anthem that would place them alongside other established dance artists in their genre.

Frontman Lindz West embarks on the A21 Bike Ride - 1100 km over 11 days in October 2013 raising finance and awareness of Human Trafficking as the topic of modern day slavery sits close to his heart. Following the A21 Bike Ride LZ7 will release a new single from the album #aftershow.

Latest Album #AFTERSHOW:


With the album of the same name due to be released In September and 2 further singles for 2013 LZ7 look as though they mean business on the UK and worldwide music scene.


Remidee is the brand new member to LZ7. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Remidee is an artist with a mission to spread hope, love, and positivity through music.

He toured the US, Canada, Southeast Asia, and has been featured on MTV Asia.

His latest EP, "Live Free", mixes the sounds of dub step, electro, and hip hop. Recently, Remidee's passion for music has moved him all the way from LA to the UK to join LIGHT.

His EP "Live Free" is available now on iTunes. Remidee will be back in the studio soon to work on a new album. Check back for release dates!

Good Weather Forecast

Something totally new. A vibrant life, loud and full of energy. Written for the moment but with perspective. Unusually free but still to be trusted. From a distant galaxy and still down to earth. It’s Electro enriched with Trumpets and Trombones. It’s pop. It’s rock. It’s electro. It’s Good Weather Forecast!

Right now we have a big dream. It isn't for nothing that the album is called Dreamcity. We are dreaming about making professional music, that is relevant for the youth of this world.

We are dreaming that the hope we have experienced, the love that we live in and the faith that has changed us will be carried through our music out into the whole world. We're dreaming that the New York Times can't fail to talk about us and admit that it's Jesus who writes the headlines.

We want to make the big noise about Jesus. OK It´s a pretty spacy dream but the right dimension for God.

More Artists coming soon


As well as the releases from the artists in the LIGHT family we have had a passion to develop a resource that helps a young person carry on from a response or conversation to the first steps of being a Christian.

AAA Pass – Living4God.net

We have developed an online resource for young people who want to know more about being a Christian in a format that can be accessed on your device from phone to laptop.

Partnering with the 4 points we have developed an idea called the AAA pass. A young person gets given a AAA pass at a show (or wherever as it's generic and can be used anywhere). The AAA pass is on a lanyard and has a scratch code on the back. The instructions on the pass tell you to go to scratch the strip at the bottom of the card to reveal the unique code. Insert the code into the www.living4god.net website and follow 1 point a day for 4 days. Once the 4 points section is complete it takes you through a simple prayer and opens up a 9-week discipleship resource called “Living 4 God”.

As a youth leader you can take a group of young people through the resource week by week and they have access to it at home, on the bus or wherever they choose to go online.

We have been piloting this in schools across the UK and have seen amazing success in reaching young people and once making a response we are able to have insights into where they are on the course.

In partnership with UCB, AAA Pass Living4God will be officially launched in October 2013 to coincide with the launch of LZ7’s new album #AFTERSHOW. Here’s the link, the AAA PASS gives you access to the AFTERSHOW!


We have been in 65 schools this year and we intend to increase this through our schools tours across the UK and the world with the LIGHT artists using their music to reach an ever-increasing number of young people.

We are developing a large-scale, lamp on a stand Christian youth music event that stands up with the mainstream festivals. Through our extensive experience of schools, tours and festivals we are focusing on delivering the biggest, most credible and relevant city-wide events, including a National LIGHT Festival/event.

We are planning a NATIONAL CITY-WIDE SCHOOLS TOUR running up to the National LIGHT EVENT scheduled for the end of 2014, early 2015. Please contact us for more details and if you are interested in the LIGHT schools tour coming to your city. Please mail info@light.uk.com

Alongside the schools work we have a great profile at the major European festivals. We are partnering with these festivals to bring their expertise and wisdom to a place that so desperately needs it. The UK!

Get Involved

In the past year we have seen thousands of young people come to know Jesus through our schools work, tours and festivals.

None of this would happen without you, our faithful supporters. As an independent charity we rely on the kind prayers and giving of our supporters to meet hundreds of thousands of young people face to face year in, year out, through the music to give them an opportunity to know Jesus, and to resource them in a relevant and credible format that they can connect with through our AAA pass Living4God course.

Please would you consider standing with us prayerfully and financially.

You can subscribe to our monthly prayer mailout by emailing us at info@light.uk.com

You can stand with us financially by completing the standing order mandate on the right and posting it to the address at the top.

For more regular info on gigs, tours, schools and festivals you can follow us on Twitter: @_lightmusic on Instagram: @LZ7ogram and Facebook: LZ7.